The roaming lioness

Here you can see me on top of a little mountain doing what I like most - enjoying a nice view. The climb beforehand is necessarily because how else would I get on top? Its not the worst activity though, I give you that ;). I climbed a few mountains in different parts of the world so if you're keen on trying, I highly encouraged you to do so, its a very rewarding activity :)!


It goes without saying that I have a huge passion for traveling, otherwise this blog wouldn't exist. I'd love to see every single country of this world - still a few to go ;). My favorite country so far? There's none. Every country is special in its own way, the people one meets, the experiences one makes...I usually avoid going to the same country twice (because how on earth could I visit all 194 countries!) but there are few I wouldn't mind visiting again: Romania, Sri Lanka and the Philippines for example. 







a little timeline

2008 | Finished my degree as an Occupational Therapist


2008 - 2009 | My first big adventure working as an Occupational Therapist in Hungary, a country I neither been to nor did I speak the language 


2009 - 2011 | Pretended to be a smart ass and got an additional degree in Occupational Therapy, enabling me to work outside of Europe as well 


2011 - 2012 | Flew over the big pond to work in sunny California as an professional Aupair with A.P.EX.


2012 - 2013 | This time Australia, the best 1,5 years of my life!


2013 | 4 months traveling through South East Asia


2013 - 2014 | Working in a Ski Resort in Austria...I think I prefer the warm over the cold even though I love the mountains either way 


2014 until date | working like a normal person in 08-15 job but spending my money on traveling


2018 | Canada! Who would have thought :)! Stay tuned on my adventures here.


2019 | Not sure if I thought that through but I´m back home with a real job and an apartment...we´ll see how that goes :)


This picture's been taken in Kota Kinabalu (Borneo) where I had the best fruit smoothie ever. 

other very important facts


I enjoy a good read. So if you have any book recommendations feel free to share. I read everything, preferable Thriller, Phantasy or History based stories. If I'm not climbing or reading or traveling - no wait, theres not much time for anything else - ...

Hm...I'm not good with writing about myself. If theres anything else you would like to know - my shoe size, my favorite food or how I managed to get rid of my stalker - let me know :). For now I think I'm done, at least here. If you want to connect via social media, feel free to have look on my instagram Account or on Facebook :)

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