Bosnia, Montenegro and Croatia

In April 2015 (I don't know the exact date anymore, it was around Easter time) Andre and I decided on a little trip to the Balkan region. All we got was the flight to Tuzla in Bosnia on Friday and our outbound flight from Dubrovnik (Croatia) on Monday. Everything in-between was unplanned and so this little trip started quite adventurous right away. Andre (a guy I met through Couchsurfing) and I wanted to sleep at the airport in Dortmund because I flight left early in the morning. When arriving at the main train station in Dortmund we realized that the airport closes during the night hours so we had no chance of getting there. We slept at McDonalds (Yeah...) and left the earliest possible for the airport. Every else went smoothly then so we we ready for the take off to Bosnia and Herzegovina, our first stop :) (IMPORTANT!  All pictures are from Pixabay, because my external hard drive said "Hi" to the bin :( )

Bosnia and Herzegovina

On arrival in Tuzla (about 120 km north of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia) we wanted to take a bus down south. Well...we couldn't because there was no bus station. We had to walk about 10km to the next village with a main bus station. For that we had...I can't remember...not much time, thats for sure. It was really hot and if that wasn't enough, I found the cutest little puppy ever and he followed us for quite a while. I'm way to soft for situations like that. Awe...I went into an industrial area to find someone I can give the dog to. The lucky chap was an middle age truck driver eating liver sausage...I left the little one behind..and a piece of my heart :(

We made it to the bus station just in time for the bus to Sarajevo. You can still see the marks from the Bosnian War on the houses. All in all its still a city with charm. 

A day has 24hrs therefore enough time to catch another bus down south to Mostar. We got there around midnight- The city was empty and we already settled on sleeping outside when an older lady came up to us, offering to stay at hers. Her flat was lovely and very comfy, with a hot shower and fresh beds. We left early in the morning (By early I mean 5am) because we wanted to explore Mostar before leaving for Montenegro. Its a lovely city with the famous single arch bridge over the Neretva. It was destroyed in the Bosnian War in the 1990s after it was there for over 400 years. I liked the old town street with the cobblestone and old buildings, very lovely. Before jumping into the bus we got some unknown pastry from the bakery. Interesting describes it best :) And off we were to Montenegro!


The day(!)  in Montenegro was very exhausting yet I wouldn't want to miss a minute. We took the bus from Mostar to Budva, a little picturesque town at the Adria. We strolled through the town, enjoyed a few hours at the beach before heading back towards Croatia. We stopped at Kotor, my favorite town throughout the whole trip. The old mediterranean port of Kotor is surrounded by fortifications built during the Venetian period. Its a beautiful old city with a calm city center. Kotor is located on the Bay of Kotor, where many cruise ships stop by hence an increase in tourism in the last years. If it would have been my decision I would have stayed the night, we got enough offer from different type of people. Andre read somewhere about "Herceg Novi", another town along the Adria but closer to the croatian border.  So we took the bus towards the was quite late so we both fell asleep during the three hour trip just to get woken up by the bus driver when reaching Herceg Novi at around midnight. Well...the bus left...and there we were, in the middle of nowhere with just two old men sitting at their taxi. We tried to ask them about a hotel but they hardly understood what we wanted but offered to drive us to Dubrovnik. Not what we wanted though. So we went down into the city on the search for a place to sleep. Well...we couldn't find any. We thought about sleeping at the beach but it felt like raining soon so that wasn't an option. We ended up on the terrace of an old abandoned hotel right at the beach. Somehow scary but at least we had kind of a roof. But talk to me about adventure! We survived and were woken up by the sounds of the sea and a stunning view, at least that! The town was cute with lot of old buildings again so I was happy to stroll around. Since its been Saturday already we left Montenegro around for the last leg of our trip - Dubrovnik (Croatia). 



The last day in Croatia has been rather quiet. I didn't mind after all that excitement so I used the Sunday to stroll through the old town, listen to great street musicians, have an ice-cream, chill at the beach and just wind down. We shared an apartment with a girl from Asia so we spend some time with her as well.


All in all it was an adventure full with excitement, unplanned turn-arounds, little sleep, perfect weather and a region I really liked. Maybe next time a few more days to have it a bit more chilled-out :).


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