The Roaming Lioness


Hey you guys. I'm happy you found your way onto my page. You might ask yourself what this is all about. Let me tell you. My name is Judi Lion and I'm a traveladdict. Thats how "The roaming lioness" started. Many people asked me about my journeys, where I've been, if I have any advice like where to stay or what to do. So what better way is there but to start a blog about it and share my experience. Whisk into my world of adventure and get inspired for your next trip.



I want to begin to understand the world and all of it's mysteries. I want to have experiences that will broaden my perspective of life. I want to fall in love with people all over the world. I want to expand my family to include people I never knew existed. I want to breathe the different currents of the air. I want to swim in rivers with names I cannot pronounce. I want to get lost in mountains, in forests, in cities, in oceans, in deserts, in jungles, in volcanoes and in the stories of everyone I meet. I want to do this and so much more. I simply want to live! For all these reasons and for reasons I have yet to think of - I am running away and I may never come back.


(Thanks to Dan Reger for these wise words)




If you want to read about my adventures around the globe feel free to do so here.


If you first want to know who I am, you might get satisfied here.


If you want to get advise on how to apply for a visa, what Laptop to buy, what bread to eat...have a look here :)


If neither of this is of your interest I probably can't help you :).